Four No-Name Multimedia Applications That Work Better Than Famous Brands

If you think that Adobe, Ulead or Corel make be best multimedia products, think again. There are dozens of innovative indies who develop excellent software for images and video and don’t charge you for the brand name.

A4 DVD Shrinker (DanDans Digital Media)

A4 DVD Shrinker is a tiny but fast DVD backup and shrinking tool. Why do you need one? How about taking your DVD collection and backing up several movies onto a single DVD, without compromising the quality in a short time? A4 DVD Shrinker shrinks all types of DVDs and fully backs them up to your hard drive or burns them to DVDR discs and you get to keep all DVD extra features, like interviews.

A4 DVD Shrinker is based on a proprietary DVD Engine and can shrink all DVD contents like Menus, Movie, Audio, Subtitles and Languages. It can also peel off CSS protection from commercial DVDs automatically so that you can make your own DVD copies no matter what copy protection is used on the original. The built-in high speed DVD burner supports all type of DVDR discs ( R, RW, -R, -RW). You do not need third party drivers or burning software installed either.

Paint Buster (SoftBusters)

Paint Buster is a compact and innovative image processing program. It is quite simple for beginners yet powerful for professionals. With Paint Buster you can resize, crop, rotate, cut and paste and enhance your family photographs as well as create images for the home web-page. The best thing, you don’t have to be a designer to do that.

Paint Buster gives you complete control of your images, on pixel, color, palette and print level. With a click of a button, you have a huge number of paint tools at your disposal. All with anti-aliasing, transparency and texture capabilities. It supports JPEG, GIF, TIF, PNG, BMP, ICO, PCX, and TGA formats.

This standard-issue image-editing application offers a solid set of tools for tweaking your digital photos. Paint Buster’s interface echoes that of other applications in this class, with various icons for brushes, pens, and drawing tools surrounding the large image-preview window.

VirtualDJStudio 3.0 (Next Generation Software)

VirtualDJStudion 3.0 (VDJ3) is a virtual mixing console for DJs, professional and aspiring. You can play multiple MP3 and Wav files, with tempo/pitch control for beat-matching. Plus, easily set a configurable number of ‘lines’, each of which has its own MP3/WAV file player, volume control, pitch/tempo control, and other options. The program includes a 10-band EQ, plugin support, integrated File Navigator, and Playlist Editor.

VirtualDJStudio is not like all of the other DJ programs out there. While other programs limit you to two players with a Cross-Fader, Virtual DJ Studio provides you with an entire studio. Also, it’s more demanding and takes time to learn.

Super Bot (SparkleWare)

Super Bot can download files, folders, or entire websites with as little as one click. The program uses HTML rewriting technology, so copied sites look and feel like the online versions.

Super Bot let’s users browse at faster speeds, by loading files directly from your hard drive not the server (offline browsing). You can view websites without an Internet connection and archive pictures, videos, sounds and other Net content on your computer. Super Bot makes it easy to create functional and editable mirrors of online sites as well as browse a website’s internal structure and organization. One good application for Sparkleware’s Super Bot is to sanitize children’s browsing by creating a “sandbox” of age-appropriate material. You can create autorun CDs and DVDs of your favorite sites too.

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